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Student Freelancers: I Don’t Care What Schoolwork You’re Busy With. Stick To The Deadline.

When you submit work late, it affects our business.

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Students: if you’re freelancing to earn some extra cash on the side as you study, listen up.

When you’re given a deadline, make sure you STICK TO THE DEADLINE.

I don’t care if you’re rushing a last-minute assignment or busy with a school project. Or even mugging for your exams. When you’ve been given an assignment with a deadline, you jolly well stick to it.

To you, your freelance gig is only a side thing that you do to earn more pocket money. To us – your client – however, this is our full-time business.

When you submit your work late (or worse: not at all), it affects our business. Our schedules have to be pushed back. We may have to reallocate the resources we’re putting into the project. In some cases, your tardiness even affects our bottom line.

No one forced you to take up the assignment for us. You yourself decided that you were able to commit to the work. So if something from school crops up at the last minute, well, tough.

We may be nice. We may take the hit for your delay once, and try working with you again. However some clients are not so forgiving, or so patient. If your client falls into either category, expect yourself to be blacklisted immediately.

You might think “it’s okay if this company doesn’t want to work with me anymore. I’ll just freelance for someone else.” Unfortunately, word spreads fast. You really don’t want to piss off the industry, especially if it’s one that you may be entering after you graduate from school.

In short: you’ve signed a contract. You’re fully aware of the deadline and had agreed to complete the work by then.

So make sure you get the work DONE. By the deadline.

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