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8 Freelance Jobs for Students in Singapore to Earn More $$$

What are YOU good at?

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Today, students often complain about having a stringent budget to follow, and not having enough money to afford nice meals, the latest gadgets or even their school fees.

If this is you, then why not consider taking on freelance jobs?

Freelancing is a great opportunity for you to earn money from the skills that you already have. Or, if you have already been thinking of being your own boss after graduation, then this is the perfect time for you to explore this career path before you take the plunge.

In this article, you’ll learn:

Let’s get to it!

What are some freelance jobs for students in Singapore?

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably expecting to see a list of freelance jobs that you can consider taking up.

Well, I do have such a list of 8 jobs for you. BUT before I go into it, let me ask you:

What skills do you already have, that you can offer to clients?

The beauty of freelancing is that if you have a skill that you’re really good at, then chances are that you will be able to find someone to pay for it in some way or form.

So take a moment to reflect on your skill sets and where your proficiency lies:

What are you good at, and can you leverage it to offer a service that provides value to a client’s business?

For example, you may have a flair for writing, or be a fantastic photographer on Instagram. If so, you should seriously think about taking up freelance jobs that allow you to show off your awesome writing or photography skills respectively.

And tadah! You’ve identified your freelance service and don’t need to read this article any further. 😉

(Okay, you may still want to read the section below on overcoming potential objections to becoming a student freelancer)

But if you aren’t sure what you’re good at, no worries!

Here is the promised list of 8 freelance jobs for students that you can consider taking up. Use it as inspiration for kick-starting your freelancing journey!

1. Tutor

Plastic blocks with letters spelling out the word "TEACH" in front of books on a table

If you think that you have in-depth knowledge of school subjects, then why not tutor other students and get paid for it?

You’ll also get to network with other fellow students—and their parents—and who knows where that might lead you.

2. Graphic Designer

Woman using Photoshop

Have expertise in working with software like Photoshop and Illustrator? Are you somebody who has the creativity and a sense of design to match? If so, then being a freelance graphic designer may be the perfect job for you.

As a graphic designer, you may be hired to produce graphics, logos or brochure designs for your clients. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

3. Content Writer

Person writing in a notebook

If you have a passion for writing, content writing is something that you can consider venturing into.

From writing blog content to interviewing business leaders for case studies, the extent of opportunities for content writers is immense.

4. Web Developer

Code on a laptop screen

Are you a whiz at coding and can develop quality websites for fun? If yes, then you may have just found your niche.

With businesses competing to establish a solid online presence, the demand for quality web developers is substantial.

5. Voiceover Artist

Mic, headphones and audio software

Do you think you have excellent oratory skills and are adept at jumping in and out of voice modulations? If so, why not consider the role of a voiceover artist?

Businesses need individuals to speak in ads and videos, and that could be where you show off your talent. You can also lend your voice to business presentations, and help clients narrate their products’ stories!

6. Video Editor

Adobe Premiere Pro interface

With the rise of digital media, there is a significant demand for quality video content and proficient video editors.

If you know video editing software like the back of your hand and have a keen eye for detail, being a freelance video editor will allow you to shape unique video content while getting paid for it. How cool is that?

7. Translator

Globe on books

Suppose you’re a linguist and are proficient in multiple languages. In that case, being a freelance translator is something worth looking into.

From transcribing audio to translating documents or even interpreting at events, the opportunities are endless.

8. Social Media Manager

Facebook app on phone

Social media is all the rage in this day and age. If you’re an expert in the various social media platforms and know exactly how to create thumb-stopping content, then why not be a freelance social media manager?

Help clients expand their audience by chalking out growth strategies and developing social media content that generates tons of engagement.

Once you’ve found your niche, be sure to sharpen your skills and provide quality service that other freelancers cannot match.

This will give you a competitive edge and help you get new freelance clients—and retain existing ones—which is key to becoming a successful freelancer.

How to overcome potential objections to students taking on freelance jobs

While you may be itching to start freelancing, it’s also natural to have second thoughts and doubts about your abilities, such as:

“I’m just a student, how will I communicate with business owners and win contracts?”

Try not to let these doubts talk you out of freelancing!

Here are some common objections that you may face when starting out as a freelancer while you’re still a student, and how you can overcome them.

Some of these objections may come from clients—but you may just be surprised at how they could also come from yourself.

“I’m just a student. I don’t have any experience”

Well, don’t you think that even the most experienced freelancers have had to start from the absolute bottom?

One of the biggest takeaways that you can get out of being a student freelancer is developing an entrepreneurial mindset.

Quoting Robert T. Kiyosaki, the author of the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad:

“Winners are not afraid of losing. But losers are. Failure is part of the process of success. People who avoid failure also avoid success.”

It’s natural to feel overwhelmed when you imagine trying to navigate your way through freelancing, but harness those emotions into a quest for excellence.

Gradually build your way up by accumulating experience in your niche, and the sky’s the limit!

“I’m too young. No one is going to take me seriously”

I’m sure that this is a question that resonates with your deep-rooted insecurities. The truth of it all is that in the world of freelancing, age is truly just a number.

Instead, it is your work that speaks volumes about your competency and skills—not how old you are.

In fact, many clients don’t care about the ages of the freelancers they hire. As long as you can deliver quality content and have a strong work ethic, your clients are likely to treat you with respect.

What’s more, depending on the type of freelance work that you do, you may be able to work remotely. And if so, you may then be interacting with your client solely through emails and text chats, with the client never seeing your face in person.

In this case, if you can maintain a professional front, then there shouldn’t be any reason for your age to become a point of concern between you and your client.

But if a potential client does doubt your ability solely based on your age, and chooses not to work with you as a result, don’t get discouraged!

With their stereotypical mindset, that was probably a client whom you shouldn’t work with anyway. In fact, they might have done you a favour by not taking up any more of your time.

There is plenty of other fish in the sea, so direct your efforts towards getting clients who will actually appreciate the quality of services that you offer.

“Should I lower my rates because I’m a student?”

If you’re new to freelancing and are trying to build up your credibility, you can consider starting off at lower rates than those being offered by your counterparts.

But otherwise, this question might actually be revealing your insecurity over your ability to win over clients. And it’s totally fine to feel insecure—acknowledge the feeling and try to believe in yourself!

Because once you’ve established yourself in your niche, there is absolutely no reason to offer discounts simply because you don’t feel confident in your skills.

Remember that you’re providing your clients with a professional service. So as long as:

  • ✅ You can do an awesome job, and
  • ✅ You have the portfolio to back you up,

you deserve to be paid competitively for your work—as much as or possibly even more than what you think the “pros” will charge.

Believe in your abilities rather than being bogged down by doubts!

The world of freelancing awaits you!

For students who want to explore the entrepreneurial lifestyle and make some $$$ while they’re at it, freelancing could be a lucrative field not to be missed out on.

If you’re excited by the prospects of being a successful freelancer (while you’re still in school to boot), start by identifying where your skills lie.

Don’t take up a type of freelance job just because others have done so. Treading on your own path is the way to go!

When you’re just starting out, it’s also natural to feel somewhat insecure about yourself and your abilities. You may also be questioning whether you’re cut out to take on freelance jobs.

But overcoming such objections is totally possible—and with experience, your confidence will only grow!

One more thing: be sure to exercise utmost professionalism once you’ve started taking on freelance work. Respect your clients’ deadlines and make yourself available when they’re trying to reach out to you.

Never should you use the pretext of your schoolwork to submit below-par work or to ghost your clients, either.

That being said, the world of freelancing in Singapore is full of potential. The only question that remains is: are you ready to get started?

Here’s wishing you all the success in your freelancing journey!

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