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ThunderQuote Prospector Review: Lead Generation in 21 Seconds

To be precise, it took just 20.96 seconds.

ThunderQuote Prospector Review - Lead Generation in Just 21 Seconds

Heard of B2B services marketplace ThunderQuote?

They’ve released a new lead generation tool called ThunderQuote Prospector.

And today, I’m going to show you exactly how to use the tool and what I think of it.

As a spoiler, I pretty much only have good things to say about it.

Because with the tool, I’ve been able to compile a list of 16 leads in just 20.96 seconds.

Plus – without paying a single cent!

If you’re a freelancer looking to get more clients (and who isn’t?), this is definitely one tool to consider adding to your lead gen arsenal.

Let’s dive in!

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What is ThunderQuote Prospector?

ThunderQuote Prospector is a lead gen tool that scrapes contact information from your Google search query results.

For example, if you Google “digital marketing agency singapore” and get a bunch of results like this:

Google search results for "digital marketing agency singapore"

ThunderQuote Prospector will dig up all the contact information available in each of these webpages.

By contact information, I mean:

  • Names of people/organisations
  • Email addresses
  • Phone numbers

(The tool works on Google ads results too, by the way)

After that, you can export the results that you want into a handy Excel spreadsheet.

That’s all there is to it!

Here’s a video from ThunderQuote introducing how the tool works:

How to Use ThunderQuote Prospector

Using ThunderQuote Prospector is a piece of cake.

Set it up once, and you’re all set to scoop up tons of leads with just a few clicks.

No more spending hours to collate a pathetically short list of leads!

Let’s get started.

Signing up for and installing ThunderQuote Prospector

First, open the Google Chrome browser. Install it if you don’t already have it.

(The tool is only available for Chrome at the moment)

Then, sign up for ThunderQuote Prospector here. The sign-up page looks like this:

Sign-up page for ThunderQuote Prospector

You can sign up via your:

  • Google account
  • Microsoft account
  • Facebook account
  • LinkedIn account
  • Email address

Or if you already have a ThunderQuote account, you can just sign in with that.

(You’ll be creating a ThunderQuote account during this sign-up process anyway)

After that, you’ll see your ThunderQuote extension dashboard (also accessible via this link):

Extension dashboard for ThunderQuote Prospector

From this dashboard, you’ll be able to:

  • Track the number of searches you’ve already used for the month
  • Manage your subscription plan (more on pricing below)
  • Manage your payment method

But for now, you’ll be prompted to head to the Chrome Web Store to install the ThunderQuote Prospector Chrome extension.

So go ahead to do so.

Chrome extension download page for ThunderQuote Prospector

And that’s it – you’re ready to start using ThunderQuote Prospector!

There are two ways to do so:

  1. In a Google search
  2. On a single website

Let’s talk about both.

1. Using ThunderQuote Prospector in a Google search

This is a lightning-fast way of scooping up contact information for all websites in a Google search.

First, activate ThunderQuote Prospector’s smart sourcing feature.

Note: If you don’t do this, the tool won’t work!

Select the tool’s icon in your Chrome extensions tray, then click “Activate smart sourcing”.

Click on the "Activate smart sourcing" button to activate smart sourcing

Now, go to Google and search for something that you want leads for.

Let’s say I’m a freelance video editor who wants to work with video production companies in Singapore. So I’ll Google “video production company singapore” to load a bunch of search results.

A “TQ Prospector Smart Sourcing” window will appear at the top of the search results. Click on the purple “Click here” button to start running a TQ filtered search.

Click here to retrieve contact details for each result in this search
The TQ filtered search will automatically remove search results from categories such as:

  • Social media
  • Search engines
  • Media/news
  • HR
  • Government

Pro tip: For more control over which categories are excluded from your search, click on “Advanced Search” instead.

Advanced TQ filtered search

Watch this video for what happens when you click “Click here” to run a TQ filtered search:

To summarise what happens in the video, ThunderQuote Prospector scans the search results and pulls out all their available contact information.


After that, click “Add All Results” in the “TQ Prospector Smart Sourcing Actions” box at the top of the results to compile all the found contacts into a list.

Smart Sourcing Actions - Add All Results

Or if you’re pickier about the contacts you want, you can click “Add to list” next to each contact to add them to your list manually:

Add to list

Want even more contacts in your list?

Just do more Google searches and add their results to your list using the same steps.

Once you’re done, click “View / Export” in the “TQ Prospector Smart Sourcing Actions” box to view your list of saved contacts.

The list will open in a new tab. This is how it looks like:

List of saved contacts

When you click on the “Inspect / Filter All Contacts” button, you’ll see filter options such as:

  • Direct/generic email addresses (“” vs “”)
  • Department (marketing, IT, HR etc)

These options can help you tidy up your list even more before you export it.

For example, maybe you want to only reach out to direct email addresses.

So, add a filter to get just the direct email addresses for exporting.

The filter is pretty accurate, from experience.

Once you’re happy with the list, hit “Export to Excel” to get your spreadsheet of contacts!

2. Using ThunderQuote Prospector on a single website

Apart from using ThunderQuote Prospector to scrape contacts from Google searches, you can also use the tool to get contacts from individual webpages.

This is a neat tip that I didn’t know about until Joshua, the COO of ThunderQuote, told me 🙂

Here’s how to do it.

On the website that you want to get contact information from, click on the ThunderQuote Prospector icon in your Chrome extensions tray.

Reminder: make sure you have smart sourcing activated! See point 1 above if you need a refresher on this.

Once you do so, the tool will retrieve the contact information available on that site.

Individual webpage results

You can then add the info to your list for exporting.

How Much Does It Cost to Use ThunderQuote Prospector?

ThunderQuote Prospector has a free Basic plan which lets you perform 200 searches a month at no charge.

Sounds like a generous limit, right?

But you’ll be surprised how fast you may burn through it.


Because every result on a Google search result page is counted as one search.

Also, one Google search result page typically shows 10+ results (including ads).

So doing the math, running ThunderQuote Prospector on a single Google search result page may use up 10+ searches.

Repeat this a few times, and it won’t take you too long to max out your monthly quota.

(For me, I used all 200 free searches in one day just researching for this review. Oops.)

So what happens after you’ve used up your free 200 monthly searches?

Well, you have the option of upgrading to one of four paid plans:

Name of planNumber of monthly searchesMonthly price

P.S.: If you opt for annual billing for these plans, you’ll save 30%.

Pros of ThunderQuote Prospector

Helps you get leads FAST ⚡⚡

ThunderQuote Prospector’s main draw is that it helps you collate a list of leads super fast.

If you didn’t have the tool, you would probably have to do this:

  1. Do a Google search
  2. Click the first search result
  3. Scour the entire website for contact information
  4. Manually copy/paste the contact information into an Excel sheet

By the time you’ve done that (especially steps 2 to 4), perhaps 3 minutes will have passed.

Do this for 10 results in one Google search results page = 30 minutes.

Do this for another 10 results = another 30 minutes.

Total time spent? 60 minutes.

That’s a FULL HOUR that you could’ve spent on more meaningful work!

(Like, actually reaching out to the leads you’ve collated)

The point is, getting leads the manual way is a total time suck.

You can save yourself so much time by using ThunderQuote Prospector instead.

With the tool, I’ve been able to export a list of contacts from 10 search results…

In as fast as 20.96 seconds.

(Yes, I timed myself!)

In all honesty, you’ll probably take more time to export your own list.

Because you may want to filter out some leads that you don’t want beforehand.

But that will probably take you what, 15 minutes max?

Compared to taking ages to hunt down your contacts and manually collate them…

Ugh. 😰

In short, ThunderQuote Prospector is a massive time saver. Use it.

Allows you to filter your leads before exporting them

Here’s one feature of ThunderQuote Prospector that I like:

The ability to filter your leads before exporting them.

Because when doing email outreach, I personally prefer to reach out to email addresses with someone’s name in them.

Like “” or “”.

Generic, “faceless” email addresses like “”?

Not so much.

So I find ThunderQuote Prospector’s ability to filter out generic email addresses pretty sweet.

Cons of ThunderQuote Prospector

ThunderQuote Prospector works as advertised – i.e. helping you get tons of leads efficiently – so I don’t have much to complain about that.

But it would be cool if it could be integrated with Gmail, or a CRM software like Salesforce, in a future update.

Because right now, the contact information is saved in an Excel sheet. Users then have to transfer this data to wherever they need it to be manually.

Which can be a bit of a pain.

Also, the tool’s user interface looks somewhat clunky to me.

Perhaps it could benefit from a cleaner look?

But like I said, ThunderQuote Prospector works as advertised.

How aesthetic it looks doesn’t matter as much.

And from my observations, the ThunderQuote team has steadily released improvements to the tool since its launch.

(Because over the one week that I wrote the original version of this review, I had to redo some screenshots as they were already outdated…😅)

So I expect that ThunderQuote Prospector’s features and design will only get better over time!

ThunderQuote Prospector: Final Verdict

Overall, ThunderQuote Prospector is a sweet tool for quickly generating leads.

It’s easy to use, and a huge time saver.

(I mean, can you manually copy/paste a list of 10+ contacts in just 20.96 seconds?)

If you’re a freelancer, you’ll probably be doing regular outreach to get new (and higher-paying) clients.

ThunderQuote Prospector can help cut down the time you spend collating leads, so you can focus on qualifying and contacting them.

Not sure if the tool is for you? Try out its free plan of 200 free searches/month first.

If you like it and find yourself maxing out on the free quota often, consider upgrading to a paid plan.

You can start using ThunderQuote Prospector here.

Review overview

Ease of Use8
Speed of Lead Generation10
Effectiveness of Tool9


With its ease of use and speediness, ThunderQuote Prospector is a lead generation tool for anyone who needs a ton of leads, lightning-fast.

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