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11 Freelance Job Sites in Singapore You Never Knew About

The hunt is on.

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When it comes to finding freelance jobs in Singapore online, you’ve probably already heard of all the usual suspects.

Like JobStreet or JobsDB or JobsCentral, or even Indeed, which collates all the jobs from a variety of job portals into one place.

So I won’t go into those.

Instead, I wanted to share with you 11 other websites and apps you can use to find freelance jobs in Singapore.

(And specifically the freelance jobs in Singapore, and not remote jobs for overseas clients.)

Some of these websites and apps are more established and cater specifically to freelancers looking for jobs. On the other hand, some of them are up-and-coming, with a smaller selection of freelance jobs available.

But whichever website or app(s) you land on, dig hard enough and you should be able to unearth some gems of a job.

1. CultJobs

CultJobs homepage

CultJobs’ FAQs section makes its job post requirements very clear. It only accepts:

  • “creative jobs that are based in Singapore”
  • “jobs that fall on the business side of a creative field”

If a potential job post doesn’t meet CultJobs’ requirements, the job post is rejected.

Therefore if you’re a freelancer in a non-creative field, you probably want to move on. But if you’re a freelance creative, you might find yourself bookmarking this job portal and coming back to it frequently.


2. MyCareersFuture


MyCareersFuture is a job portal run by the Singapore government to help Singaporeans find jobs. It was previously called Jobs Bank.

Unlike other job portals, MyCareersFuture allows you to state the skills that you have. It will then show how relevant your skills are to the job posts’ skill requirements. This way, you can get a better idea of how good a fit you are for each job posted.

By the way: some job posts on MyCareersFuture are marked as “Government support available”. Before you get too excited, I don’t think such support applies to freelance jobs. But the government may add support for freelancers in the future. You never know.


3. Freelancer homepage

You might have already heard of Freelancer. But it isn’t one of the most well-established and internationally popular job portals for freelancers for nothing.

Here’s a recap of how it works: freelancers publicly bid for jobs posted by clients. Jobs don’t necessarily go to the lowest bidder. Other factors are also relevant, such as your qualifications and how long you’ll need to get the job done.

Competition can be fierce, so freelancers can differentiate themselves by completing skill certifications called “Exams” to impress clients – and hopefully, snag the job.

Website: To view only the jobs located in Singapore, set the Location of the posts to “Singapore”.

4. FreelanceZone


FreelanceZone is a bit more exclusive in terms of who can view its job posts, as most of the job posts are for registered members only.

But no worries, because registering for an account is free. And you’ve set one up, you get access to a nifty dashboard where you can conveniently review the jobs you’ve saved and those you’ve already applied for. Neat!

There are 2 ways of putting your resume up on FreelanceZone:

  1. Upload a resume that you’ve already prepared
  2. Build a new one by filling in the Skill Set, Education Background and Working Experiences sections of your FreelanceZone profile

Feel free to pick whichever method you prefer.



Glance has been in the freelance job portal scene for a few years now. Job requests from clients are posted on the website, and freelancers can make an offer to indicate their interest in the job.

Currently, is accepting freelance job requests for the following categories:

  • Business solutions
  • Design
  • Digital marketing
  • Visual and audio
  • Web and programming

If you’re a freelancer who offers one or more of the above services, is definitely something worth checking out.


6. FastGig


If you are a gig worker into manual, service and semi-skilled jobs, then check out FastGig. Available on Android and iOS, the FastGig app promises total flexibility in your schedule. It lets you browse jobs, book gigs that interest you and receive payment.

Use various filters – location, compassion, or job type – to find a job that works best for you.

To get started, all you need is a FastJobs account to log into the app. That’s it! You can now book training and working slots that you can commit to, in just one tap.

FastGig also sends payment to your bank account the week after the gig. This means faster access to your hard-earned cash!


7. Works (formerly known as Gigworks)


With Works, you can keep 100% of your hard-earned money. You don’t have to pay a commission for jobs received through the platform because the client pays it instead!

Plus, you don’t have to look for freelance jobs – Works will match you with jobs based on your skills and portfolio.

So when you sign up for an account, make sure to add your portfolio, skill set, and work history to stand out from the rest.

And whenever you get a 5-star rating from a completed project, you’ll get WORKS tokens. You can use the tokens to upgrade your membership and redeem perks.


8. and 9. Start Up Jobs Asia and Tech In Asia

I’ve put these 2 job portals together because they both focus on job posts from start-ups.

Start Up Jobs Asia contains job posts from start-ups from a wider range of industries.

StartUp Jobs Asia homepage

Website: (this is their Singapore-specific job portal)

On the other hand, if you’re looking to get freelance work from start-ups in specifically the tech industry, you should definitely also check out Tech In Asia.

By the way, don’t get the idea that you can only find tech jobs on Tech In Asia. The tech start-ups on Tech In Asia are also looking to hire marketers, designers, sales experts and so on. Use the handy search filters provided to narrow your search.

Tech in Asia jobs homepage


10. Glints


While start-up Glints is more well-known for helping people score internships, did you know you can also find freelance work on its jobs portal?

From the jobs portal page (link below), type the job you’re looking for in the search bar. Before you hit Enter, select “Freelance” as the Job Type you’re looking for.

As of writing, the freelance jobs available on Glints range from creative work to ICT trainers and transcribers.


11. Wantedly


Wantedly isn’t your usual job portal. That’s because if you’re interested in a particular job, you can click the “I’m interested” button on the job listing to apply.

When you do so, you can schedule a visit to the company to find out how working there is like, and whether that will be for you. (And even if you’ll be working remotely, no harm dropping by their office first, right?)

To see only the freelance jobs, enter “freelance” into the search keyword filter box.


Bonus tip: Facebook groups can be a gold mine

Search results for "singapore freelance jobs" on Facebook

Many potential hirers are now bypassing job portals entirely. Instead, they put their ads up directly on Facebook groups meant for people in their industry.

Finding such Facebook groups (if you aren’t already in some of them) is easy. At the search bar at the top of your Facebook screen, type the name of your industry or your job title. Add the keyword “Singapore” to find the Singapore groups.

Once you’ve found a couple of groups you’re interested in, hit the Join button to become a member. You may have to answer a few questions set by the admins to prove that you’re a legit member of the industry before they will let you in.

After joining the group, you should also subscribe to receive notifications of new posts so you know whenever someone is looking to hire.


I hope you’ve found this post useful! Apart from looking for freelance jobs on websites, there are also other methods of getting freelance clients which I didn’t have the chance to cover here.

If you’re interested to learn what these are (and start getting clients ASAP), sign up for my free 5-day “Get Freelancing Clients—Fast!” email course!

This course contains step-by-step instructions for 3 proven methods of getting freelance clients, no prior freelancing experience required. Sign up here:

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