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How I find email addresses for cold emails

I got a response to my cold email within the same hour.

List of email addresses for the domain

Sending cold emails—i.e. emails to people who don’t know you—can help you expand your network and find others to collaborate with. It can even get you work. (Which is why it’s one of my recommended methods for getting freelance clients ASAP.)

But how do you find these people’s email addresses?

Here’s my process, which I recently used. (And I got a response to my cold email within the same hour!)

1. Use is an amazing tool for finding and verifying people’s email addresses. There are other tools like it, but this is what I use. I’m not a heavy user so its free plan is good enough for me.

I have Hunter’s Chrome extension installed. So, I’ll go to the website of the organisation to which the person belongs. (E.g. If I want to find the email address of someone from The Guardian, I will go to

Then, I run the Hunter Chrome extension to get a list of all the email addresses it can find for that website domain.

List of email addresses for the domain
(All these email addresses are publicly available on the web by the way. Hunter isn’t doing some shady hacking or anything.)

Hunter also provides a confidence score out of 100% for each email address it finds. The higher the score, the more likely the email address works.

So, if the list has the email address of the person I want to reach, then great! I can email them right away.

2. Make a smart guess

If that person’s email address isn’t on the list, I’ll start guessing it.

Hunter’s list is helpful here. Because if it shows that the email addresses of other people in that organisation follow a certain format, then the email address of the person I want to reach likely also follows the same format.

In the case of The Guardian, the format would be:

3. Verify the email address

Once I’ve guessed an email address, I’ll try to check if it’s correct.

I’ll use Hunter’s Verifier tool, which can assess how likely an email address is to work.

Hunter's Verifier tool verifying that the email address is valid

Alternatively, I’ll put the email address into the To field of a new Gmail email. If the profile icon next to the email address turns into someone’s photo, then it likely works!

Check out the profile picture next to Chris Clarke’s email address, for example:

Chris Clarke email address and profile picture

4. Send that email and cross your fingers

These verification methods aren’t foolproof.

Hunter’s Verifier tool may not be able to confirm whether the email address works. This could happen if the email address’s domain accepts all emails regardless of whether the email address exists.

Also, not everyone will have set up a profile picture for their email account.

At this point, I’ll try other variations of the person’s name for the email address (e.g. and go ahead with the one that I think is most likely to be correct.

That’s what happened when I sent my cold email recently. After my checks, I still wasn’t 100% sure that I had the right email address. But I sent the email anyway and hoped for the best. And I got a reply within the same hour. :’)

Try this process the next time you want to send a cold email! And make sure your cold email’s contents are killer, too. I’ll leave this lesson for another day.

For now, Happy Chinese New Year in advance! Wishing you lots of joy and may you huat for a long, long time!! 🐉 HAHAHA okay, I will show myself out.

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